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Saturday, 9 May 2015

Firmware 18.12 presets

'sup guys ?

Time for a little update...

Pay attention to new presets 074 to 096 (74 and 75 were already there but I tweaked them a little), I worked a lot on these. And it wasn't always easy :

Above, I'm trying to work on preset 078, 5153 green 5 SC. It's from a new collection of presets where I use one amp, one cab, and set it with various amount of gain through five scenes - from clean (or almost clean) to high distortion. Scene 1 is clean, and from scene 2 to 5 it goes dirtier. It was an interesting experiment : first, most of the time, the clean sound (scene 1) is not as clean as I'm used to on my basic presets ; and the lead sound (scene 5), too, is often less polished (more raw) than what I normally use. Having to use one IR for the various amount of gain was also interesting. I find these presets very useful for jamming in many styles.

I also updated presets 131 to 134, which are tonematches of free Kemper profiles using the MKIIC+. Those from my firmware 18.08 banks were OK but as the amp model changed, I had to redo the amp matching, and borrow my friend's KPA for this.

Also new : presets 072 and 073, and some more KPA tonematches (presets 204, 205, 264, 268, 272, 285)

See my previous posts (firmware 18.07 and 18.08) for more details.

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