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Saturday, 25 April 2015

Firmware 18.08 update

This is a small update, but an important one, as my main high gain amp, the MKIIC+, as been G3'ed in firmware 18.08. This mean changes to 33 presets in bank A.

Here's a video I did while I was tweaking the MKIIC+ (I use the Bright/Deep version). The final version is slightly different.

Apologies for the low framerate, I recorded that to test a capture mode of my webcam. As the clothes I'm wearing suggest, I didn't plan on uploading it, but as it was a fun jam. Apologies also for the clams and "oops" moments, I'm not in my comfort zone when I improvise over jazzy chord changes...

Besides the MKIIC+ updates, the novelties are :
- a test preset in bank A called "Mesa LD paracomp" where I'm testing post-amp parallel compression, focused on the mids (that's why I used a filter block in bandpass mode)
- Bulb's presets in bank B and C. I changed the user cab for the clean one in bank C
- small tweaks to the Herbie stock presets in bank B

And two new presets, using the D30 and AC20 :

Here, each scene selects various input trim and input drive settings, from clean (scene 1) to crunch (scene 2-3) to lead (scenes 4-5)

Check my previous post ( ) for other details regarding my banks and user IRs

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