I used to share my presets for free, but now I'm doing it commercially, so I removed all the download links for older firmwares. Check my quantum 2.0 thread for the details. However, if you want the presets for an older firmware you're still using, send me a message on

Wednesday, 28 September 2016

Axe-Fx/AX8 Quantum 4.0 update

If you use my 3.0 presets for Axe-Fx II (MKI/XL) and AX8, I just added a few new lead presets, made with Quantum 4.0 :

They all use the same IR and my favorite amp models for high gain but expressive lead playing. I started from existing presets from my pack ( ) and tweaked them a little.
This is a free update for those who bought the pack, it's in the Dropbox folder. Those who bought this pack through E-Junkie, I also updated the file which you can re-download from them.
I made this update available for AX8 users too, same thing, the update is in Dropbox, or you can download again from E-Junkie. If you can't just send me an email and specify which email you used for the Paypal transaction.

And in case you missed this video, here I'm having fun with the tape delay block :

Helix - big pack update : Pink Floyd presets

Here's a free update for owners of the big pack. This is mostly for Pink Floyd songs. The old versions (9 presets) are still here, but now there's a new folder with with the new versions (20 presets), including 11 new ones, all Variax compatible. Also included is my Variax bundle, which is quite customized (I tweaked many things and didn't keep all the models in the same spots etc). There's also two new IRs, one of which I use to improve the sound of the Variax acoustic models.

Also included is a preset where I change the delay time in the tape delay block with snapshots. To be played with a drum loop with a tempo of 120.

The file in e-junkie servers has been updated, so all you need to do is to download it again. If you didn't keep the mail, send me a message on my email (not on youtube !), specifying why email you used for Paypal when you bought the big pack, and I'll send you the new files.

Monday, 12 September 2016

Helix presets starter pack

Here's my "Presets starter pack" for the Helix 2.01 firmware, which contains 12 presets + 9 user IRs. I made this one after receiving many requests for a smaller and cheaper pack. Here, there is one preset for each of the type of tones that I use - there's one acoustic simulation, one eighties-like glassy clean, one Voxy crunch, one British crunch, one blues-rock lead, one metal rhythm, one metal lead etc...

These presets are similar (but not duplicates - they're brand new, and also uses more effects blocks) to those from my "Big pack". Of course the "Big pack" is of better value, at 49 $ for 175 presets, and it also includes more user IRs (25)...

Note that the general volume of my presets is intended to be on par with the stock presets, or a little quieter. I wanted to avoid the risks of digital clipping, which I hear on many presets I downloaded from Custom Tone.

Those presets have been tweaked with my user IRs, there's no way they would sound like intended if you don't load them. All my IRs are custom creations made with various free sources, or no source at all, and various techniques like tone matching.

Of course, you can try to swap them with your favorite third party cabs, this will probably work if you choose similar cabs (like, a V30 4x12 IR instead of my HG (high gain) cabs, G12M and the like instead of my Marshall cabs etc… Experiment !)

To make things simpler for most Helix users, I didn't put my user IRs at the beginning of the cab bank, but from 074 to 091.

The acoustic sim IR provided here is quieter than the others, it's its nature, and I boosted the level from the IR block accordingly. Be careful if you try other IRs with the "Acoustic Sim 4" preset, lower the IR block volume first !

This pack is available on my new website here :