I used to share my presets for free, but now I'm doing it commercially, so I removed all the download links for older firmwares. Check my quantum 2.0 thread for the details. However, if you want the presets for an older firmware you're still using, send me a message on

Saturday, 25 April 2015

Firmware 18.08 update

This is a small update, but an important one, as my main high gain amp, the MKIIC+, as been G3'ed in firmware 18.08. This mean changes to 33 presets in bank A.

Here's a video I did while I was tweaking the MKIIC+ (I use the Bright/Deep version). The final version is slightly different.

Apologies for the low framerate, I recorded that to test a capture mode of my webcam. As the clothes I'm wearing suggest, I didn't plan on uploading it, but as it was a fun jam. Apologies also for the clams and "oops" moments, I'm not in my comfort zone when I improvise over jazzy chord changes...

Besides the MKIIC+ updates, the novelties are :
- a test preset in bank A called "Mesa LD paracomp" where I'm testing post-amp parallel compression, focused on the mids (that's why I used a filter block in bandpass mode)
- Bulb's presets in bank B and C. I changed the user cab for the clean one in bank C
- small tweaks to the Herbie stock presets in bank B

And two new presets, using the D30 and AC20 :

Here, each scene selects various input trim and input drive settings, from clean (scene 1) to crunch (scene 2-3) to lead (scenes 4-5)

Check my previous post ( ) for other details regarding my banks and user IRs

Sunday, 12 April 2015

Firmware 18.07 presets

You know the drill...

About the presets

Bank A
1-69 : main presets, for live. Many are song-specific.
70-99 : blank presets, I do the programming here.
100-128 : various presets, for the fun or testing purposes.

Bank B
129-203 : high gain presets sorted by amp model.
208-212 : a few Vox amps presets, for U2 etc.
214-256 : blues and fusion presets, sorted by amp model.

Bank C
257-289 : Marshall and Marshall clones presets - some other Marshall-like amps are in 129-203, because used for higher gain)
291-299 : special effects with crunch or high gain amps
301-324 : clean presets
325-362 : special effects with clean amps
363-384 : synth presets

* indicates that the preset is stock or from another user, and not or barely tweaked

** indicates that the preset is stock or from another user, and that I tweaked it a lot. All the 325-362 presets use my own amp and cab settings

Some recent videos

I don't update my blog often, I know... Here's a few videos I uploaded these last months.

First, Linley Marthe, a friend pursuing a successful musical career. Among others, he played for Joe Zawinul. I was the first journalist in Mauritius to write an article on him, he was maybe 16 years have a time. While he was in holidays here a few months ago, I invited him to test the Axe-Fx II. The amazing thing is that he didn't touch a bass guitar at all for two months before this day ; I had to borrow a Jazz Bass with almost dead strings for him. Here's a few stolen moments.

I also borrowed a friend's Kemper for some tonematching fun, here's the result. Note that I redid those and a few more since, for firmware 18.07

Here's a short video about an useful Cab-Lab tip. I use the search feature to find specific mics and compare them with the auto audition feature.

Just for the fun, a recent gig in which I was a guest