I used to share my presets for free, but now I'm doing it commercially, so I removed all the download links for older firmwares. Check my quantum 2.0 thread for the details. However, if you want the presets for an older firmware you're still using, send me a message on

Tuesday, 9 December 2014

Presets for firmware 17.02

Here's my three banks, updated for firmware 17.02

As usual I do not share the commercial IRs, and as I use a lot of them, the presets will not sound as intended without them. For the high gain ones, I use many variations of the free ASEM Recto mixed with other commercial IRs. You can replace the missing IRs (26, 31-32, 34) by the IR 33 (ASEM Recto alone) but the sound will not be exactly the same ; it will be more scooped, brighter, and less thick than the mix I use. The missing IRs combines ASEM Recto with commercial IRs (from FAS pack 7, Ownhammer HGE and Redwirez Mesa V30) to keep the cutting and modern sound of ASEM and bring in more low mids. The tonal variations between these various mix are not very big but bring the nuances which I look for - 32 is more cutting and therefor better for rhythm, 34 fatter and therefore better for leads etc etc.

Besides the ASEM mixes, I also uses three mixes from FAS cab pack 7 (with the "CK" prefix) and many Ownhammer HGE mixes. I don't have the recipes ; sometimes they are indicated in the name of the IR, most of the time they're not. When I'm mixing IRs with Cab-Lab, usually I record the session with a desktop video capture process, that's how I can find how I did a specific mix if needed. So if you want to know how I did a specific one you can ask. Or, just watch that video :

My banks also contain nine tonematches of Kemper profiles, identified by the "KP"
prefix. I share the IRs for only two or three of them, those who are free, the others profiles being commercial (from Michael Britt and Amp Factory). These non-shared IRs are essential, thus you will need to disregard the corresponding presets, as even with other IRs there's little chance that they will sound like in my own Axe. I did many more tonematches of the "best" Kemper profiles (to my ears/taste etc.) but kept only those. To my ears, they are as close to the original profiles than the profiles I made from my presets in a Kemper - with the advantage that the amp in an Axe preset is tweakable like the real amp. The key here was to capture the Kemper IR first, then to do a careful amp matching (gain and EQ) by ear before doing the "live" tonematch. If you want to know more about it, there's a thread here :

Some other relevant informations :

– I now have Bare Knuckle on my Ibanez : Holydiver in bridge and Emerald in neck. I tweaked my clean sounds accordingly, as they are brighter sounding than the DiMarzio Norton/LiquiFire couple I had before

– I now use the rear input of the Axe and the presets were tweaked accordingly.

– Besides the update necessary for some amp models, I tweaked many presets at the end of bank A. Some of them had mistakes, like a stereo harmonizer going through a mono-in parallel cab block. Putting a single note harmonizer through a enhancer is also a fun new trick.

–  I had to remove many presets in bank B, and so there are many more "blank" presets than before. These were mostly presets made by other users, or stock, which I had tweaked. With the changes in the amp models (USA mainly), those removed presets weren't relevant anymore and I didn't have the time to tweak them. I have many tonal variations for high gain in bank B anyway. Presets 139 to 163 are from the "high gain starting pack" I talked about in previous posts.

–  In Bank A, presets 001 to 069 are those I use live, 103-128 "fun" presets. Forget presets 72 to 92, I use them with a band I'm currently recording, they're for specific songs and guitars and doesn't match my personal taste.

For the really curious, here's a video of a tweaking session. That's how I usually work. It's of no musical interest, as I'm only playing specific licks and riffs that I use to test an amp sound and response :