I used to share my presets for free, but now I'm doing it commercially, so I removed all the download links for older firmwares. Check my quantum 2.0 thread for the details. However, if you want the presets for an older firmware you're still using, send me a message on

Tuesday, 19 May 2015

18.12 - Focus on 5 scenes presets collection

I recorded a proper demo for the "5 scenes" presets :

One more video for the road :


  1. Which guitar and pickups are you using? Sounds fantastic! Thank you for all the hard work you put into this blog and on the forums. It is MUCH appreciated.

  2. Thanks ! Ibanez RG520QS with Bare Knuckle Holydiver bridge and Emerald neck

  3. Great presets, Thanks to for your hard work. Cheers Peter.

  4. Hey! The Download link is dead . Can you fix it please ? :)