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Sunday, 12 April 2015

Some recent videos

I don't update my blog often, I know... Here's a few videos I uploaded these last months.

First, Linley Marthe, a friend pursuing a successful musical career. Among others, he played for Joe Zawinul. I was the first journalist in Mauritius to write an article on him, he was maybe 16 years have a time. While he was in holidays here a few months ago, I invited him to test the Axe-Fx II. The amazing thing is that he didn't touch a bass guitar at all for two months before this day ; I had to borrow a Jazz Bass with almost dead strings for him. Here's a few stolen moments.

I also borrowed a friend's Kemper for some tonematching fun, here's the result. Note that I redid those and a few more since, for firmware 18.07

Here's a short video about an useful Cab-Lab tip. I use the search feature to find specific mics and compare them with the auto audition feature.

Just for the fun, a recent gig in which I was a guest

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