I used to share my presets for free, but now I'm doing it commercially, so I removed all the download links for older firmwares. Check my quantum 2.0 thread for the details. However, if you want the presets for an older firmware you're still using, send me a message on

Thursday, 8 January 2015

Axe-Fx II presets - Firmware 17.03 update

A quick firmware 17.03 update...

What's new :
- a few new personal presets, like the one I used for these videos :

- some presets from other users (Yek, jazzhooligan, Victor Mancini...), identified with a * or ** (* = no or small tweaks, ** = bigger tweaks)
- some new user IRs (see screenshot), mostly from FAS cab pack 7
- presets level in bank B, and beginning of bank C, adjusted using the RMS utility. Most for rhythm playing, some are for lead so a little bit louder.
- The presets from my "high gain starting pack" are now merged with other presets in bank B (sorted by amp model)

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