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Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Tweaking a dual amp bass preset

Here's a little trick I always use when recording bass guitar in a DAW : doubling the track, with a LPF on one and HPF on the other, both separated by a crossover around 250 hz. This way I can add drive on the HPF channel while keeping solid bass frequencies on the other - because the more drive you add, the more low frequencies you lose.

For this video I used an Ibanez with 3+ years old strings, they're almost dead so with new strings tweaking will be necessary.

Preset on AxeChange :

Tweak to your linking !

Note : HPF = High pass filter, LPF = Low pass filter

Edit 26/09 : There's a demo of a newer version of the preset on soundcloud, I replaced the crossover blocks by filters, and I control the crossover frequency with an expression pedal :

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