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Monday, 24 September 2012

Four new presets on AxeChange

I uploaded four presets on AxeChange yesterday. Hear a short demo here :

4 presets demo

The first one is something I programmed on a Boss SE50 in 1993. I used this quad delayed pitch shift on a song called "Astral flight" (see the video on my "Free download : TDR Project" post)

The "Metal rhythm" preset is an example of alternating between two EQs for a given sound. Here it's a bit extreme, I go from a normal metal rhythm sound to a "AM radio" sound. It's perfect for intros, it never fails to take people by surprise. Bulb uses this trick on the intro of this Periphery song :

By the way, Bulb's (Misha Mansoor) parents are from Mauritius, where I live. We try to jam each time he comes here. "Here" being this, for you Google earth users (right click, save as) :

Yeah, I know, that's quite remote, someone (hi Pete !) already told me so ;)

I made the third preset as an example of what is possible when morphing between two amps. I exchanged some mails with someone who requested my presets in which we talked about morphing between sounds, then I remembered a preset I made but lost. I recreated it yesterday. The fun trick here is the stereo span in the middle of the curve of the expression pedal.

The last preset is a slightly improved version of my looper patch, see from the 21th minute of this video :

I'm still not 100% satisfied about it, I'll work on the tape delay again, I want it to come more slowly but to go a little bit louder each time I stop playing.

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