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Saturday, 22 September 2012

Free download : TDR project

"TDR Project" is an all instrumental (rock, metal, progressive) album I recorded in my home studio in 1993. I played all the instruments, including bass, small keyboard parts, drums programming (on a Alesis SR16 and a Roland R5) and guitar synth (on a Casio guitar). There's one guest, a friend called GĂ©rard Adam, on track 4, "Urban syndrome". He trades licks with me, that's him on the slide guitar.
I recorded this on a 8 track tape machine, a Tascam TSR-8, mixed it on a Sony DAT recorder and released the album on cassette. Years later, I transfered the DAT recording to my computer, when I got my first PC.

Here's what I used for the album :

Guitars : Ibanez SR something (Satriani style black guitar), Yamaha RGX1212 (which was my first good guitar, I got it in 1988), a Casio synth guitar, Yamaha RBX 300 bass, and a cheap Ovation-like guitar for "Song for Katmandu"
Processors : Art SGX 2000, Boss SE50, a Boss studio compressor. I used the Boss SE50 for the delayed harmonies of "Astral flight" (guitar) and the echoes on the drums (all the song) and the bass (in the intro).
Drum machines : Alesis SR16, Roland R5
Alesis 1622 mixer
Tascam TSR-8

I recorded the guitars direct, using the Art SGX 2000 speaker simulator.

The album has 10 tracks, here I included tracks 11-13 as bonus. Tracks 12 and 13 were both recorded for the local television. on "One minute to live", I used the Art's pitch shifter as a pseudo whammy, controlling the pitch with my expression pedal ; it doesn't glide well, you can hear the 12 half steps. On "Cyberfreak", recorded in 1994, I used a Zoom 9050.

All the songs are now on my Soundcloud page, with the downloads enabled :

There's a video of the song "Astral Flight" here :

Yesterday I uploaded a preset for that one one AxeChange, it uses delayed pitch shifting

Another video, of the bonus track "Cyberfreak" :

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