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Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Bank A update for firmware 12.02

How 'bout a little update ?

Check the screenshot for the cab used in user spots 60 and 79, and this link for more details :

What's new (note that I use display offset = 1) :

presets 001-063 : no big changes but some small ones here and there

preset 064 : alternative to 018 (still working on it)

065 : another test of the new scenes feature

066-068 : try these with your expression pedal of choice ! You'll need to play in stereo for the full effect. I'll test other ideas in that vein soon.

069 : hum...  see for yourselves :) Still working on it. The envelope settings are tricky on that one.

070-072 : searching for new flavors for my Jazz Chorus sound, as used in presets 003 and 011

073-081 : testing somes alternatives for my main lead preset, with various cabs and settings tweaked for those cabs. 076 is the original one with some minor tweaks. You'll need the two third party free IRs (Catharsis & Framus) I included in the rar file ; but you'll also need commercial IRs : The Messiah 1 & 3 ( ), SA Freddy + Jimmy ( , I mixed Freddy TWO-TWO and Jimmy 3 in equal amounts) and a free Bogner cab from Ownhammer which unfortunately isn't available anymore (Ownhammer : )

082-083 : testing some clean fenderish sounds (use X/Y on the amp block)

084-089 : like for 073-081, I'm using various third party cabs with the Recto amps. Probably my tightest recto sounds to date. Next, I'll combine some of those in stereo dual amp presets (like presets 014 and 015)

090 : A work in progress ; following the thread on the Strymon Big Sky pedal, I wanted to try to find the sound displayed at the beginning of the youtube video. I'm not there yet, and I also need to check Java Junkie's settings suggestions.

111 : latest version (tweaked again after I uploaded it to Axe Change) of "AtmoSynth lead 5 scenes", as used in this video :

The lead sound in preset 111 is also my main lead sound (although I think I didn't implemented it in preset 009, my main lead preset - must check)

112-113 : I changed the lead sounds

Enjoy !

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