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Saturday, 26 October 2013

Axe Fx II presets v 11.05

Here's the firmware v 11.05 version of my presets

Demo - Watch in HQ for a better sound !

Banks organization

Bank A

001-063 : Presets I use live. I use bank size = ten on the MFC. So the first group of ten presets (1-10) has 4 cleans, 3 crunch, 1 rhythm and 2 leads, from cleanest to dirtiest.
After that, most of the presets are song specific.

064-111 : empty presets. That's where I test new presets from other users, or develop new presets/new versions of existing presets.

112-128 : Presets I keep in bank A for the fun. Many special fx here, like looper lead (127), AtmoSynth Lead, Double clean+shimmer… Presets 117 and 118 uses custom harmonies (like preset 017), see my firmware 10 blog post for details. “Cheesy whammy” is a new, fun preset, don’t forget to try it with an expression pedal. I also reworked my three morphing presets (121-123). When I have a gig,  "Brian May Delay" (124) is perfect for testing the stereophony on a FOH system.

Bank B

129-202 : High gain presets, sorted by amp model. Those presets are either mine (sometimes with the prefix TDR), or stock, or from other users. An asterisk indicates that I edited the stock/other user preset a little (*) or more (**). Many of those other users prests are from older versions of the firmware so I had to adapt them (like those from Devin Townsend, Ola, Periphery, Marco Sfogli, Larry Mitchell…). In some cases, I combined different presets into one (Ola, Periphery, Sfogli), using or not using scenes (again, see my V10 video for details). 148, “leathers” is from Stef Carpenter (Deftones), but rearranged, as I wanted only his basic high gain tone. I also normalized his IR as it was too quiet.

204-215 : Vox and Vox-like amps

217-256 : blues and rock/fusion presets. Again, there’s stock or other users’ presets, most of the time tweaked to my liking. Example : 217 "Little Wing" is originally from Tyler Grund ( ) ; I kept his amp and cab settings, edited the reverbs, added a delay, a mid boost and a compressor, and changed the drive pedals. The preset uses 5 scenes, from clean to dirtiest, and was inspired by a youtube video of Andy Timmons covering that Hendrix song.

Bank C

 257-288 : Marshall and Marshall-like amps (except the Friedmans which are in bank B)

292-302 : Special fx with distortion

305-384 : Cleans, special fx

Here's some more infos about the video demo and the corresponding presets :

1) For preset 002 (071 in the video), I used a new source for tonematching an acoustic guitar. Having just read that Alex Lifeson tonematched a Black Crowes song, I used the same. All my other presets containing the acoustic simulator chain (multicomp-GEQ-Para EQ-Tone Match blocks) still uses my previous tonematch settings, which was a recording of a friends electro-acoustic guitar). Those presets are 021, 062, 115, 128, 331.
Presets 001 and 114 are specifically for the acoustic model of the Variax JTV guitar

2) preset 321, "Marillion Clean", is originally from another user but I changed it a lot over the various firmwares, and the JC120 model itself changed a lot too

3) Preset 331, "Triple clean + Shimmer", combines three different clean sounds (the three lines that goes into the mixer block) and a shimmer effect. I had to edit that one while recording because when the Axe is used as a DAW interface, I had a CPU warning.

4) For preset 335, "The Wall pt 1", I modified the stock preset "Velvet sun". I use my own amp/cab/delay/flanger/reverb settings over the line with the wha/reverb

5) "Crystal echoes V11**" (preset 347) is a stock preset in which I use my own amp/cab/multicomp settings. I do that a lot on the special effects presets

6) The three "Astral flight" presets ( N° 362, 305, 306) originates back to 1993, that's a song I wrote back then (it's on youtube : - sorry for the cheesy clip!). At the time I programmed those effects on a Boss SE50

7) Preset N°125 is originally from Yek, N°126 from Simeon and Clarky ; in both I use my own lead sounds. Again, see this video for more details on those presets, on N°127 "TDR's looper lead" and on most of my go to presets :

8.) Preset 117 "Arabic harmonies" and 118 "Major penta harmonies" both uses custom scales. On the video @ 5:38 you can see my expression pedal moves on preset 117. Here's the custom scales for them, for a guitar tuned in Eb. If you tune in E standard, you'll need to play in Eb arabic for preset "Arabic harmonies", and Ab major for the "Major penta harmonies"

Arabic harmonies : Custom scales 3 (Voice 1) and 4 (voice 2)
Major penta harmonies : Custom scales 5 (Voice 1) and 6 (Voice 2)
Custom scale 3 : starting from 'A' SHIFT : 4 semi, 3, 4, 4, 3, 4, 4, 4, 3, 4, 3, 3.
Custom scale 4 : starting from 'A' SHIFT : 7 semi, 9, 9, 8, 7, 6, 7, 7, 8, 9, 6, 7.
Custom scale 5 : starting from 'A' SHIFT : 3 semi, 3, 3, 3, 4, 5, 5, 4, 5, 4, 3, 4.
Custom scale 6 : starting from 'A' SHIFT : 8 semi, 7, 8, 7, 8, 7, 7, 8, 7, 7, 8, 7.

9) Preset 20, "TDR FAS Modern LEAD", also uses two custom scales, to play Scorpions' "Rock you like a hurricane" leads in Eb. Watch the video at 6:02, scene 5 is for a small part, scene 4 a longer part, and scene 1 for the straight (no harmony) part.
Custom scale 9 : 4 5 4 3 4 3 3 4 3 4 3 5
Cutom scale 10 : 4 5 4 3 5 3 3 4 3 4 3 5

10) I double tracked the heavy rhythm presets (13, 14, 159, 15, from 06:16 on the video) to show how they would sound with standard recording techniques. All those riffs are from songs I wrote

11) For preset 122 (7:08-7:22 on the video) I'm morphing between two amp sounds, and changing the pickup selector between 4 and 5 (bridge) a few times

12) I got the Cab settings on preset 261, "Fat Plexi 100W Jump", from user Tonic (Nabstud on the French forum)

13) Preset 235 (7:37 on the video) is of of the few where I use an IR I captured from a Kemper

14) Preset 252 is originally from Swedish Chef of the Fractal forum, I didn't change that one a lot


  1. could you blog a little about how you set up your MFC and expression pedals

    1. Sorry I missed that question... I use bank size = 10 ; buttons 11-15 are assigned to scenes ; button 16 = tempo/tuner, button 17 = global boost. I use Roland EV5 3 expression pedals. I don't use reveal that often, everything is need within one preset is done by scenes or expression pedal

  2. thank you too! by the way it's always and education reading your blog and your presets are a lot of fun.

  3. Some of these patches left me with no I doing something wrong?

    1. Did you load my user IRs ? If you didn't, it's normal that you don't have any sound

  4. Can you post a link for the down load of the sysex of the patches. Many thanks. Dave.

  5. Can you post a link for the down load of the sysex of the patches. Many thanks. Dave.