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Saturday, 26 April 2014

Firmware 14.02 presets : update 26.04.2014

Here's a new version of my three banks. In the previous version I wanted to keep all my high gain amps pool (bank B), all my clean amps pool (bank C) too - check my previous post for more information about these - and all my U2 presets.This time, I'm keeping only those I intend to use. So I deleted a lot of presets, and more important, I tweaked the clean presets pool a lot too ; imho, they're much better now. I now use the tweaked clean amps I like the most in my live presets (4, 12, 44, 46, 51).
Some other changes :

Bank A

preset 003 (JC120 clean) : brighter than before
preset 031 (Wowy+Str+Still+Pr+AIWIY) : This one combines five U2 songs into one, as I deleted the individual presets for U2 songs (my band doesn't cover U2 anymore). From scene 1 to scene 5, these are With or without you, Where the streets have no name, I still haven't found what I'm looking for, Pride, All I want is you. Pride normally uses two delays in series but it's not the case here - I don't play it anyway.
preset 036 (Ashes) : a new preset to cover a Pain of Salvation song, see this thread: and this video :

preset 037 (Hallelujah) : a new preset to cover Pain of Salvation's version of "Hallelujah". Scene 1 verses, scene 2 chorus, scene 3 lead, scene 4 "organ". I took the "organ" from the "organic" stock preset. I also uses that organ sound with scenes 1 and 1, its level is controlled by expression pedal 2.
preset 040 (Angle severe lead) : a new preset based on the lead scene of preset 036. I'll tweak it some more.

Bank B

presets 161-162-163 are new, from other users. The high gain amps pool starts at 164. Like said above, I kept the ones I like the most.
My Vox and Vox clones presets are also in bank B now.

Bank C
Check presets 298 to 307 ; they are much improved from previous versions. They all use custom commercial IRs so you'll need them (I don't share them but there's screenshots of the recipes in my .rar file).
I also added 2 presets from RACA, 2 from Yek and 1 from Simeon in the "special effects" presets (325 to 384)

As you will see, there's much more blank presets in all three banks. I need those spaces for future presets, specially as my band added many new songs to its setlist.

The other big change : I review my custom IRs selection and organization, here's a screenshot :

There's some empty slots here too for futur IRs, like the metal IRs Ownhammer are going to release soon (see this thread: )

See my previous post for other details about my user IRs. Unfortunately, I didn't keep a recipe for the IR 004, which I like a lot for clean sounds.


  1. Will these work with OS 15.02 on XL?

  2. they won't translate well, too many changes in the amp modelling. Wait for my 15.02 presets instead ; I'm working on them

    1. I have seen the preview on Youtube of your fabulous v15.02 Work Thibault, are there a lot changes in the user caps and ir's again ? would appreciate your support than again ... All the best to you Mindmovie

    2. Hello Mindmovie, there has been major changes between 15.02 and 15.07. I now use another IR as my main one for mid gain and high gain, and I also use the same amp model on most of those presets. I didn't upload it this time