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Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Firmware 7 banks - Update

I've finished updating my Bank A to V7 firmware ; many presets were still untouched still V6, others had little mistakes I wanted to correct. So here's a new video with many updated presets, but also new ones. Banks B and C have been updated too.

Here's some details about the new or updated presets. For all the other presets, see the 22 September thread :

1st bank (001-009) :
005 TDR JCM 800 crunch : Took its spot back as my main Marshall crunch sound. Slightly tweaked from previous Bank C version. Exp pedal controls adds gain.
Minor tweaks (less reverb) to presets 006 and 007. 

2nd bank (010-019) :
013 Metal rhythm DRY : Mistake corrected from previous version (I removed the controller on the drive). The exp. pedal controls the expander/gate's threshold.
014 Metal rhythm WET : Exp. pedal now alternates between the normal sound and a “AM radio” sound.

Banks 030-049 :
030 With or without U2 : slight tweaks for a fatter sound.
031 Streets have no name : slight tweaks for a fatter sound.
035 Magnificent 1 : Updated to V7. Exp. Pedal controls the whammy
036 Magnificent 2 : Updated to V7. Exp. Pedal : toe down clean, toe up drive (for the breaks, and the solo)
037 Magnificent 3 : Updated to V7. I use this for the verses (toe down) and the break (toe up) before switching back to preset 036 for the chorus.
038 Still haven't found : Updated to V7. Exp. pedal Adds gain. Note that the multidelay should be on, I inadvertably stored the preset with the block off.
040 Elevation intro : Updated to V7. Thanks to RACA for the pitch control idea ; it's not the same effect as on the album but it works.
041 Elevation verse/chorus : Updated to V7. Exp. Pedal lowers the gain for the verses.
042 Elevation tremolo : Updated to V7.
043 Vertigo : Updated to V7. Exp. Pedal adds delay for specific parts of the song.
044 Sunday bloody Sunday : Updated to V7. Exp. Pedal adds gain for the harmonics and the solo.
045 Speed of sound CLN : Updated to V7. This is a special take on the Coldplay song, I play the piano melody with this sound. Exp. pedal is used for swells.
Here's an old Version on the Axe Standard :

046 Speed of sound crunch : Updated to V7. Used for the second part of the verses.
047 Speed of sound DRIVE : Updated to V7. Used for the prechorus and chorus. I switch to the neck position of my pickup selector for the chorus.
048 All I want is U2 : Updated to V7. Exp. Pedal adds drive for the lead part of the song.
049 Pride : Updated to V7. Exp. Pedal adds drive for the short lead part.

Banks 050-079 :
051 A tout le monde RTM : Updated to V7
052 A tout le monde LEAD : Updated to V7.
053 A tout le monde harmony : Updated to V7. Added enhancer on the harmony part. Exp. pedal alternates between two custom scales of the harmonizer, for the end of this Megadeth song.
Here's the custom scales, starting from 'A' SHIFT :
custom 1 : 3,3,5,5,4,3,4,3,3,4,3,4
custom 2 : 3,3,5,5,5,3,4,3,3,4,3,4  
Remember that I tune in Eb ; this is for playing the song in F# on an Eb tuned guitar. 

054 2nd chance crunch/hard : Updated to V7. Alternates between crunch and heavy rhythm sound. I changed the curve to add drive to the crunch sound before morphing into the heavy rhythm sound. This is for a Shinedown cover.
057 Message in a bottle : New preset, replaces “Andy's message”.

The two following presets have not been updated but wasn't presented in my 22 September post :
070 Bogner XTC Blue RTM : An alternate heavy (toe down)/crunch (toe up) rhythm sound. I use it on songs like “Blurry” by Puddle of Mud and “Open your eyes” by Alter Bridge..
071 Bogner XTC Blue wha : Same sound as 070 but the exp. pedal controls the wha instead of the gain.

072 Bogner XTC lead : Volume raised.
073 Numb : Minor tweaks to the synth sound which was too loud. I made a a little brighter too. Toe up I play the synth melody (a big thanks to user Simeon who helped me get closer to the original synth sound), toe down, a clean counter melody backing.
077 Recto red Mdrn LD : Volume raised. I use this for the lead on “Nothing else matters” by Metallica, and for my cover band version of “Numb” (see my 22 September post for a video).

New presets :
081 Friedman OH Beta test : A preset to test Ownhammer's new Beta IRs. See this thread to download them :
I used the following IRs : V31 TC30 WF-4 (user cab 31), V31 SM57 WF-4 (user cab 32)
082 Recto Or OH beta LD test : Another test of the new IRs.
083 Recto Or OH beta RTM test : idem

084 Astral flight : A new preset, which I also uploaded to AxeChange. See this thread :
085 Variax : A new preset for the acoustic model of the Variax JTV 89 guitar. See this thread :
086 Diezel VH4 CH3 test : I wanted to try using a second cab block as a short reverb, with predelay, here's the result.
087 Mono/stereo metal RTM test : Another new preset, also on AxeChange, see the “four new presets” link above.
088 Morphing clean-crunch : New preset, see this link :
089 Morphing crunch-rhythm : Idem.
090 Morphing clean-crunch : Idem.

094 Al Di Meola Man of Leo : A tweaked version of the “Ultimate Dumble” preset to play an old Al Di Meola solo from the album Stomu Yamashta - Go Live From Paris (1978).
I did a (perfectible...) cover of this on the Standard (with a much different sound) :  

127 TDR's looper lead : Many tweaks from the previous version, preset is also on AxeChange, see the “Four new presets” link above.

Banks B and C :
Some additions from other users presets (208, 209 in Bank B ; And in Bank C : 316, 319, 320, 321 – I tweaked the last three... I also tweaked preset 290).

For 379 Bass dual 1 and 380 Bass dual 2, see this thread :


  1. Hey, My name is Tan and I love some of the videos you have uploaded for AxeFx on youtube. I was just wondering if you still had the patch for Another brick in the wall part 1 with the delays and all that you could possibly email me? If so, i'd really appreciate it man. Thanks

    1. The sounds you search for is in my bank A, download link is in this blog post :)